Admission Policy


Narendra Modi School of Medicine. (NMSM) has an ideal open admissions policy. The school is multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and international towards its students’ population, without discriminating against gender, disability, or age with equal rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally made available to students at the School in keeping with its goals of providing quality and affordable education and training. Student’s enrollment is based on academic skills assessments, interviews, and previous achievement.

Admissions to students are opened to all categories of our faculties. However, for those students who do not meet the standards for admissions into the MD program may enroll in the Pre-Medical Program designed to help them qualify. Full admission will be granted upon the applicant satisfying the pre-requisite requirements. The open door policy of AMIU allows for application for admission to occur anytime during the year. Applications are reviewed and evaluated in each of the semesters


Applicants to the Basic Sciences Program are expected to have earned a Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) from any National or internationally recognized college or university. If the applicant has completed undergraduate studies in a country with a different educational system, course work will be evaluated on an individual basis. Transcripts from such institutions must be provided with translation into English and notarized. Please contact the office of Admissions regarding such matters.

Required Pre-Medical Courses

  • General Biology/Zoology (w/ lab) 1 Year
  • Organic Chemistry w/ lab 1 Year
  • Physics (general) w/ lab 1 Year
  • English 1 Year
  • College level mathematics and or Statistics 1 Year


The pre-requisite courses for admissions for CARICOM students into the basic science program include a minimum of two science subjects at G.C.E. AVANCED LEVEL OR CARIBBEAN ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION LEVEL (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) and passes in Mathematics and English at least at the ordinary level.

MD PROGRAM—Requirements

Medical Doctor Degree Program (4 years)

  • Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry or Human Biology from a Caribbean, Canadian, British, American or other internationally recognized college or university.
  • Complete and Pass a Pre-Medical Program from recognized education institution.
  • Complete and Pass TNIU Pre-medical Program
  • Earn Satisfactory Score on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)



  • TNIU Pre-Medical Program serves as a foundation for the studies of the medical sciences from the O level, A Level and CAPE Science Students for an easier transition into the medical school curriculum.
  • Strong Passes in SAT, GCE /CXC or any other Advanced Levels examinations in English, Mathematics and Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science, Agriculture Science, Human Biology)
  • (Students with Advanced standing would be placed into an appropriate semester within the pre-medical program which is determined by transcripts and other advanced credentials)
  • This program also serves applicants who have completed studies in non-science academic disciplines.


Students enrolled, or previously enrolled, in a Medical School listed and recognized by the WHO may apply for admission with advanced standing. Contact ADMISSIONS OFFICE ( to assist you with details for this transfer.


The Academic board is responsible for setting the entry criteria for their programs and admission of students. Criteria include:

  • Transcripts
  • Copies of Certificates and Diplomas
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport ID Page
  • Photos
  • Recommendations Letters from recognized institutions and/or Individuals.
  • Immunization card
  • Work Experience
  • Personal History (extra-Curricular activities)
  • Personal Information (Disabilities, Conviction, etc.)
  • Clinical History
  • Personal Goals


The University aims to offer a supportive service to all applicants and prospective applicants, providing helpful pre-entry information and advice to allow students to apply for a program appropriate to their needs, interests and academic qualifications and potential. The university entry GPA will be minimum of 2.0-2.5. Applicants with a GPA lower than requirement should upgrade by enrolling for the Foundation Programs. For some programs there are more applicants than places and an element of competition for offers is therefore unavoidable.

Decisions are made within TWO working weeks by the Admissions board. However, where programs attract large numbers of applications, there may inevitably be a delay, although every effort is made to keep this to a minimum.

The Programs offered by AMIU

Masters offered in the field of Organic Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Pharmacology, Immunology, and PhDs in Bio-medical Research and Synthetic Organic Chemistry.


NMSM grading system is as follows:

  • Honors – 90%-100%
  • High Pass – 80% – 89%
  • Pass – 75%-79%
  • Fail < 75% Minimum Pass Mark – 75%

Tuition & Fee structure

Tuition & Fee structure differs depending on the program attended and student’s category. Tuition Structure for national Guyanese students differs from the structure offered to international students with options of Financial Assistance and Scholarships available to those who qualify. Tuition Structure for International Students may also vary depending on the country of their origin and availability of any Financial Assistance and / or Scholarships. For additional details, contact your local area Green Heart Representative or the Office of Admissions at



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REQUEST TUITION and FEE INFORMATION  All tuition and fees are in US dollars. Tuition and fees must be paid before the start of each semester or each year in a timely manner after the student has undergone the course selection process and before the established deadlines. Tuition payments are to be paid via CAll tuition and fees are in US dollars. Tuition and fees must be paid before the start of each semester or each year in a timely manner after the student has undergone the course selection process and before the established deadlines.

All tuition and fees are in US dollars. Tuition and fees must be paid before the start of each semester or each year in a timely manner after the student has undergone the course selection process and before the established deadlines. Tuition payments are to be paid via CAll tuition and fees are in US dollars. Tuition and fees must be paid before the start of each semester or each year in a timely manner after the student has undergone the course selection process and before the established deadlines. Tuition payments are to be paid via Cashier’s Check, Credit Card, Postal Money Order or Traveler’s Check, payable to Greenheart Medical University. Cash payment can be accepted by direct deposit from students present on campus. A late tuition fee of US$ 200.00 will be charged to students after the tuition payment deadline with further delays resulting in additional fines. Students attending classes without tuition payment will be marked as ‘absent’ until the arrears are cleared and the fee is paid. A US$ 150.00 fee will be charged for any check returned to the University for any reason. An administrative fee of US$ 50.00 is charged for all payments made via wire transfer and for all checks issued outside of United States and Guyana. GMU reserves the right of changing its tuition fee structure per circumstances and needs under the recommendation of its Board of Directors. Tuition Refund: For newly accepted students, seat deposit, application fee, onetime registration fee of US$ 500 and credit evaluation fee (for transfer students) is non-refundable. Tuition Refund Policy applies to both national and international students. Refund Schedule of Tuition Fee for withdrawal from GMU One week before commencement of classes100%

  • Before the end of first (1st) week of classes100%
  • Before the end of second (2nd) week of classes70%
  • Before the end of third (3rd) week of classes50%
  • Before the end of fourth (4th) week of classes25%
  • After fourth (4th) week of classes0%

Students seeking tuition refunds or semester withdrawal should present genuine reason. In the event a student formally withdraws from the university after commencement of classes, a grade of “W” or “WF” will be recorded, depending on the time and circumstances of their withdrawal. Green Heart Medical University Board of Directors reserves the right to change tuition and adjust fees or to establish additional fees or charges whenever, in their opinion, such action is deemed necessary. Additional Fees Service Charges Applies to to both national and international student groups. Certain fees and charges may be wiaved for students with scholarships or special tuition structure. All fees mentioned below may or may not apply to students with scholarships or financial assistance.

For additional details, contact the admissions office:

Application Fee – US$ 75.00 One Time – Non Refundable Seat Deposit – US$ 1000.00 One Time – Paid one time by new students on acceptance to reserve their seat. Seat Deposit is a part of tuition and will be deducted from the student’s tuition fee Registration Fee\ – US$ 500.00 One time, Non Refundable. Paid on first semester’s registration Administrative Enrollment Fee – US$ 150.00 Non Refundable – per semester Late Tuition Fee – US$ 200.00 Students will be charged a late fee for tuition not paid on or before the tuition due date. Repeat (Make-Up) Examination Fee – US$ 200.00 per examination – Non Refundable Repeat examination fee for repeat examination (‘D’ or ‘I’ grades only) Shelf Examination Fee (GMU Campus Only) – US$ 100.00 Per Examination nonrefundable KAPLAN Review – US$ 500.00 to 2000.00 Exit Examination Fee – US$ 500.00 Per Examination – Non Refundable Official Transcript – US$ 25.00 Duplicate Transcript – US$ 10.00 Official Letter – US$ 10.00 Financial Aid Processing Fee (Payment Plan)\ – US$ 150.00 One Time – Non Refundable Wire Transfer Fee – US$ 50.00 Returned Check Fee – US$ 100.00 Student Health Insurance – US$ 200.00 per year Malpractice Insurance – US$ 1300.00 per year (For students completing Clinical Clerkship in US)Credit Evaluation Fee – US$ 250.00 One Time – Non Refundable (for transfer applicants only) Graduation Fee – US$ 700.00 Degree / Final Transcripts, MSPE and documents Convocation Fee – US$ 300.00 Includes gown Per Credit Hour Fee ( For less than 11 credit hours per semester) National Students  Pre-Medicine / Nursing Pharmacy Programs US$ 100 MD Program (Pre – Clinical) US$ 150 International Students Pre-Medicine / Nursing Pharmacy Program US$ 200 MD Program (Pre – Clinical) US$ 300 .