Organizational Structure

Board of Trustees

Dr. Dale Srinivas



Vice President

Since its establishment, based on the founding ideals of “freedom and innovation,” the education at Narendra Modi school of medicine has allowed students to acquire various skills and values that are synonymous with a private-school environment. Over the years, such efforts have cultivated and sent a wealth of human resources out into the world. However, in the coming years, we must also focus on education that develops creative individuals that modern society needs. With this in mind, we must not only encourage a high-level of classroom learning, but also actively involve students in cutting-edge research activities conducted by our laboratories, encourage students to expose themselves to new challenges, and produce individuals capable of facing and resolving the tough challenges in the real world.

Members in NSM

Prof. Vijaya Srivastava

Executive Vice President

Mr.Kanthavel Murugan

Director of Admissions – International

Mr. Kamal Dhanesa

Chairman (Student Services Committee)

Prof. V. N Varma

Chairman (Advisory Board)